A Reason to Write

Feeling vulnerable and uneducated about my writing and writing in general, I found and subscribed to a few writing blogs. The write practice and Mudpie Writing being the two I have stuck with. Through the observations of the bloggers and other commenters as well as critiques I have learned much about the craft, we writers and our struggles and quirks.
1. I don’t have to write perfection for readers to enjoy my work. As long as it moves them in some way most will overlook a few missing commas or grammar glitches. (Too many will put a reader off though and I have deleted several books I started reading because of it.)
2. Writing and editing are completely different creatures. One is creative and the other analytical. Trying to do both at once, my creativity is stifled. Write first and get the story out of the brain and onto ‘paper’. Once it is finished, the analytical creature may emerge and do it’s worst. 
By the time I am editing, I already know and love the characters and their story. The editing beast cannot be allowed to kill them or their longings or desires, unless of course it really should happen. 
I’ve come to realize: Editing can only enhance, making the story more readable.
As I put myself and my creative writing out for others I realize, some won’t comment. Others will criticize for the sake of it, perhaps out of jealousy. 
I only know, writing is something I have always done. Whether others like it or not is not my first concern. 


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