‘To type or not to type’

…..that is the question.
Not all of us are tech savvy, or can afford the mobile tech either, which can be a factor for sticking with pen and paper. Some simply find carry a notebook, and jotting down ideas as they form, is the way to go. 


Generally I find both have their merit and am equally as comfortable with either (in fact I’ve been writing blog ideas on paper first).

I happen to love technology and my tablet is now my best friend. Well, secretary, alarm clock, post it notes, e-reader, etc. etc.

  One project though, began on several used envelopes, what was available when the creative idea struck. The entire book written, scribbled more like it as my hand writing has never been elegant, in notebooks. 

I was trying to write in the style of the regency period in England (19th century) and somehow my brain could not seem to manage that with me typing. So, pen and paper it was! 

The era in which we live however, requires us to make digital copies somewhere along the way so eventually those ideas we wrote on paper have to find their way into the cyber world. Thank goodness for talk text, or a dictation app. 

What is your method of choice? Any die-hard pen and paper folks out there per chance? 


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