Writing and blogging

Though I’ve written always, I only began writing with the idea of sharing 2 years ago. 
Funny I didn’t ever consider correspondence as ‘writing for others’.
Now such correspondence, or letter writing is a dying art (see my first blog: My Writing Debut) as even emails are not the same anymore. There are only a couple of people among my acquaintance who actually keep in touch this way, sending newsletters. 
Now I realize, all those letters were actually practice in writing, period! Putting down my thoughts on paper has never been difficult. I suppose my uncle is right, I do have “digital incontinence”. It’s called being a writer.
Why then the scary feeling of putting my work out there? Other than my uncle’s ‘review’ no other friend has given negative feedback on a letter I’ve written them. Until now that is. Perhaps with this blog I will find out the truth.
Reading a book or short story, now that is altogether different. Suddenly, everyone is a critic. It’s true isn’t it. People who have never written anything, have something to say regarding those that do. Of course being a reader, we do know what we like but it’s all very subjective. We are never going to please everyone. Fact of life! 
We writers do like to rise to the occasion though. Nothing stops us, not even our own self doubts. We simply write, practice writing, blog, journal and whatever else we can to keep pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard. Then with the help of our tribe, beta readers we edit and polish, with the hope of eventually publishing. 
I have been writing more, learning more. Who knew there was so much to learn about something I’ve been doing all my life? Through it all I’m becoming more confident with calling myself a writer and with my work in general. 
Though I haven’t published my work yet unless you count this blog, which I guess I will, (except for the short story contest I entered on the write practice where everyone’s work was published) I have confidence now that I shall. It is only a matter of time, and editing. Groan! 


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