I did it!

I actually finished and edited my first noveletta. “The Gentleman Earl”
I know what you’re thinking….. ((Yawn)) please bear with me…

As we writers know, writing and editing are polar opposites when it comes to creativity. 

Writing flows from the creative side of our brain, unhindered by the laws of grammar and popular convention. It oozes forth from our soul in its very basic form. 
As wonderful as it may sound to us as it flits from brain to the page, at a second glance, in the light of day so to speak, all of its imperfections show up like dust particles visible by the sun’s rays.
We mustn’t panic. After all, this is not what others will see. 
Let the cleanup begin! 
So, creative brain may take a break, have a nap, go on vacation. Editing beast has arrived…

I know I’m afraid of that ruthless animal, running amuck in my precious fictional world. I have to remember: editing won’t destroy my work if it’s good. I have to believe that it will stand up to the ravages of the edit. If not, it doesn’t deserve to be out there. 
So, let the edit begin! The clean up. Tightening the nuts and bolts that hold it all together. 
There are a precious few friends and/or colleagues we feel strong enough to let see our work before all the polish is done. These dear souls are willing too endure our typos, grammar blitzes and other assorted imperfections. 
Though we sensitive creative types do want some love, a little of that goes a long way. Tough love is needed as well. Tell us like it is! Help us grow.
So, critique away. I want to keep growing (as a writer anyway) 
Once finished, our precious but raw first draft will shine like a diamond. All its facets polished to perfection and ready to be on display. 


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