40 reasons why I write

A Challenge from the Write Practice web site for writers.

We were challenged to think of 40 reasons why we write. Sometimes we lose sight of those basic reasons. Not because one day we could be famous (although I suspect that will be among some people’s reasons to write) but that feeling, or compulsion that drives us.

So here are my 40 reasons…. I’m sure if I kept going there would be more. However, I’m sure 40 is enough for most people to wade through…..

1. Why I’m writing at the moment is to challenge the challenge that I can even find 40 reasons why I write. (Hm.. is that even a reason?)

2. So it’s like this; I can’t help it. It’s not just what I do but what I am.

3. So many things to write about. So little time.

4.The stories keep coming and if I don’t write them down they just sit there and clog up my brain so I can’t think of anything else. (Brain fog?) (please read another blog post regarding Mozart) 

5. I can’t write correspondence anymore. No one sends snail mail. Electronic newsletters have fallen by the wayside as well. So I have to write sensational stories instead.

6. Someone has to do it. Might as well be me. 

7. I like writing, or in this case, typing. 

8. Unless I’m editing while I read, I actually like reading my own writing. (Which may not make sense to anyone but me, but that’s ok)

9. I have a writer friend who compels and challenges me to write.

10. No one has written my stories yet.

11. Why not?

12. I like filling up notebooks.

13. The characters in my head need their story told and they just won’t go away until I do! 

14. Writing takes me anywhere I want to go.

15. When I write, I’m me.

16. I like stories. My own and other people’s. 

17. Not everyone can write. I can, therefore I do.

18. A little piece of me is in everything I write.

19. I can be silly, romantic, noble, and so much more through my characters.

20. Some parts of me only live in my writing.

21. I’m always amazed when my characters take on a life of their own. 

22. There surely can’t be enough books out there yet?! 😄

23. I like to entertain.

24. I like to inform.

25. I like that I can put a smile on someone’s face.

26. I can’t stop! 

27. Because practice makes perfect. Or better at least. I hope! 

28. I enjoy it more than watching TV. Watching TV is too passive.

29. It’s something I can do whenever and wherever I like. 

30. It costs nothing….until I want to publish! 

31. It keeps my hands busy so I don’t eat. (It’s true!)

32. It’s communication with the world. 

33. I love sharing the worlds in my head. 

34. I can time travel to anywhere and any-when my writer’s imagination can go. No time machine necessary!  

35. When I write, I feel 

36. I want to be generous with my crazy writer’s mind. 

37. The more I write, the more ideas come that I need to put down on paper. It’s a never ending story. (Hm. That sounds like a good story right there! No! Don’t tell me it’s been done☹️)

38. Writing can change lives. It has changed mine. Other people’s words and also my own.

39. It connects us to one another.

40. There is always something or someone to write about or to.


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