Take a deep breath and just do it!

We writers in general, not speaking about the small percentage who has enough ego to “just do it”; Publish their ideas for the world to see! 

Most of us are a bunch of insecure, loners who just have to write (ok speaking for myself here, but hoping I’m not alone). However, going that extra step to letting others read our work is a whole different kettle of fish! 

So, how to get to the point of going public? Baby steps in my case. One friend who has already taken that fearful step, and survived. She read one thing I wrote and believed in me. Wow! That was a moment! 

I’m a writer!  

Writers write, and then share, or publish to use industry jargon. 

Like a marathon runner, training comes first. Everything we write is practice for the main event. Publishing! 

If we, I, never enter the race, and run in public with all the other runners, writers, then we will never know how well we run or, in our case, write. 

It’s safer so just stay at home. However, there is a point where the writing alone just doesn’t give you the feeling you need. The feeling that it’s worth the effort, the long hours, you put in. When there is feedback, hopefully at least some of which is positive, or at least constructive criticism, then we poor, lone, writing souls are encouraged to keep going. 

A beta reading group was the next ‘baby step’ I took. Not just a writing friend who believed in me, but readers. Readers can be a tough lot to impress, unless they are close friends and family who just love everything you do. Feedback from readers, or even fellow writers, who are gutsy enough to tell us when what we’ve written sucks! Of course we may not be happy for a while, however, if that is coupled with a little positive advise, will keep us going, and help us to grow in our chosen craft. 

So…. after all this small talk, what I’m trying to say is, I am moving forward to publish one of my novelettes. Confident enough in what I’ve written, that it doesn’t actually suck. That it is ok, and will not be a total waste of time to read. 

In order to do that, I have to also move my blog space forward. Add email list so I can find out just how many people actually come here and read the content and would like the novelette. 

My next blog will be the first chapter in the novelette. To whet your appetite for the rest. 



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